This is the Table of Contents for The Civilized Explorer, with information on St. Barth, Guadeloupe, Martinique, as well as the Caribbean. The Civilized Explorer provides a great deal of information on the French West Indies, particularly St. Barth, Guadeloupe, and Martinique, their hotels and villas, beaches, and restaurants, with lots of photographs.

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Links to weekly destinations or travel ideas; hints on navigating our Web site, printing pages, where to find our text- only pages; and when we will not be updating our site.

The Civilized Explorer PaperView

The Civilized Explorer team reads voraciously offline as well as on, and our view is that the PaperView is the best way to get portable information you can take with you on your trip -- Books! We review books we have read and offer links to where you can buy them at a discount with worldwide shipping.

French West Indies Information

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The French West Indies

St. Barth


Les Saintes

Martinique -- The Cosmopolitan Island

Summer Vacations in the French West Indies

Photography Pages

Unless noted, the photos are family-friendly. Use the descriptions as your guide.

Travel Information

The Civilized Explorer Travel Information Page

Burning Man Information

The Civilized Explorer has an extensive set of pages on Burning Man. This event is difficult to describe, but picture 20,000 people in a desert be- in where Buckaroo Bonzai pierced some dimension and these people are piercing a dimension, too, but with a better truck. No, that's not it. Picture a place where you are totally free to be yourself for a few days. Goths suffer dramatically and beautifully. Drag queens get rave reviews of their clothes. People wear dinner jackets covered in scales made from CDs or tuxedos laced with electroluminescent wiring that changes colors as they take an evening stroll. No, it is more than that. Picture a place where what counts is art, creativity, and civilized behavior in extreme circumstances. It is all of that and more. Much more.

This section of the web site contains material which shows people in costumes which are calculated to offend, people without any costumes at all, piercings, tattoos, and more, as well as normal people, glorious art, wonderful artcars, ingenious camping with style, and more. The table of contents gives reviews lf all the pages, so you can pick which ones to view. Drop by The Civilized Explorer Burning Man and take a look.

American Vacations

We often go on vacations in the United States as well as to the Caribbean. Here is a list of some of our other travels, with photos and videos.

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