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Hotel Hameau de Beauregard

The grounds of the Hotel Hameau de Beauregard.

The Hotel Hameau de Beauregard is a little out of the way in the south of Martinique, just a little too far outside Ste. Anne to walk. This is not necessarily a bad thing. The grounds are spacious, and the gardens are well- tended and lush. We were there just before the spring blooms -- another week or two, our guide lamented.

We were staying at a nearby hotel, but we drove by the Hameau de Beauregard several times on our way to Saline Beach or to northern and eastern parts of Martinique, and we decided to stop in and see if we could see a room. The receptionist obtained permission from the manager, and we were taken around by the two of them to see a typical room and to look over the grounds. We spoke to three staff members, and all spoke English quite well. The receptionist had lived for years in Chicago, in fact.

The pool in use at Hotel Hameau de Beauregard.

On the day of our visit there were a couple of families at the pool, with a few children splashing around, the groundskeepers were keeping the grounds, and there were few other people in site. As he showed us around, the manager talked about how lovely the grounds would be at the end of April with all the flowers in bloom. The care was evident in his voice and attitude about the hotel.

The rooms are simply but well- furnished. The tile floors are cool, and we are sure they are easy for housekeeping to keep clean. As far as we could tell, all rooms had a small kitchen and a patio or balcony, but if these are important for you plese be sure to confirm it if you make a reservation. The rooms are air conditioned, and the two we saw had a living room, a small kitchen/ eating area, and a bedroom. The toilet is separated from the dressing and shower area in the bathroom, a nice feature.

Simple but well-furnished room

As far as we can tell, Hameau de Beauregard has no Internet presence. Reservations may be made by telephone at + 596 76.75.75 and by fax at + 596 76.97.13. The address for additional information is
Le Hameau de Beauregard
Route des salines
97227 Sainte-Anne
Martinique, French West Indies

As always, if you have any objections, corrections, suggestions, or questions, drop us a line via Cyber Poste:

As always, if you have any objections, corrections, suggestions, or questions, drop us a line via Cyber Poste.

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