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Les Ondines, 2003

This luxury hotel opened just before Christmas 2002 in Grand Cul de Sac.

We read about Les Ondines sur la Plage before we went to St. Barth just after Christmas 2002. Although Grand Cul de Sac is not our favorite beach on the island, we do like several of the restaurants there, so we decided to drop by to se what Les Ondines looked like.

On our first trip, we could not find it. We drove up and down the road the hotel is located on, but no sign of Les Ondines. We tried again and asked where it was located. It turns out that we drove by it twice, but it had no sign, so we could not find it. The photo that follows is the view from the road:

View of Les Ondines from the road.

A sign is promised.

When we finally found the property, we were shown around by the builder. He was quite proud of the hotel, and we were impressed by it as well. The photos that follow are large (sorry) to show the hotel and its rooms to better effect than small thumbnails.

A view of Les Ondines from the beach.

We found the hotel from the beach, and climbed up the steps to the reception area. It was not yet staffed, but we found the owner in another area of the hotel, and he showed us around. Units range from small one-bedroom units with what is referred to as a garden view (see the photo of the view from the road) to large suites on the beach. The small one-bedroom units have 50 square meters (about 540 square feet). In addition to the bedroom, they have a daybed in the livingroom, so they can accomodate three persons. As of our visit in January 2003, rates for these units range from 200 to 400 euros per day depending on the season, including a 20% agency commission and transfer from the airport. (We suspect renting directly from the owner will get a discount.)

A bathroom in one of the units.

There are also one and two bedroom suites with views of the beach and ocean. These have 65 square meters (700 square feet) of floor space for the one-bedroom and 135 square meters (1,450 square feet) of floor space for two bedrooms; prices range from 300 to 750 euros per day, depending on size and season. Again, the price includes the agency commission and airport transfers. You can see the reflection of the hair dryer in the mirror next to one of the two sinks. There is a separate water closet and a shower in addition to the tub.

A light and airy dayroom.

Other units are on the beach; they are the same size as the beach view units, and the prices are the same. As you can see from the daybed, these units will sleep more than two. The owner suggests a maximum of three in the one-bedroom and six in the two-bedroom units.

The kitchen in one of the units.

The units are very well equipped with telephones, fax machines, and televisions. The kitchens have every convenience known to the French.

A couple of guests on the beach at Les Ondines.

This lovely couple was from Sweden, and they consented to having their photo taken for our Web site. The bay is behind the woman to the right of the photo. Just beyond her is La Gloriette, then Sereno Hotel. If you wish to windsurf, kayak, or pedalboat, guests get a 20% discount, and you get a 10% discount on deep sea fishing and excursions.

By they way, we asked someone what the name meant. It was explained to us that "ondine" is a poetic reference to a beautiful but mythic sea creature, perhaps what Americans would call a water-sprite but definitely not a mermaid. They have more photos and current rental rates at their Web site: Hotel Les Ondines Sur La Plage. The contact information page their gives their email, telephone, and fax numbers.

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