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Bagage Plus

A service on Guadeloupe to check your baggage for you at the end of your trip.

While we were at a hotel in Gosier during a visit in April of 2000, we made an interesting discovery. Our timing was bad, and we were unable to use the service, but we found a card for Bagage Plus, which offered to check our baggage at the airport for us, while we stayed on the beach.

We do have some reservations, though. We checked in to the Auberge de la Vielle Tour Saturday evening and discovered the card in our room at about 7:30 in the evening. The card says that Bagage Plus service is

checking-in tickets and luggages for you at the Airport, so you can fully enjoy your last day untill 45 minutes before flight time. For further information, call our front desk, or call directly 93 60 91, best the day before your leaving until 8:30 P.M..

We called immediately, and we got either a busy signal or no answer at all. We called the front desk, and we were assured the service was available and that they would call for us. We never heard back, though.

We tried again on Sunday, but again we never got an answer.

We really are intrigued by this offer, but we were unable to get any service at all. This is troubling, as we would be entrusting our baggage to these people. We do intend to try again our next trip, but if anyone gets the chance to use this service before we do, please let us know.

We have located a Web site for this service: BagagePlus. You may make reservations for their service from the Web site, avoiding our problem of calling by telphone. Prices for pick up on site range from 30 Euros for one person to 66 Euros for a family. There are add on charges for distance, extra- large bags (a surfboard, for example), and more; there are discounts for large groups.

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