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The airports at St. Maarten and St. Barth

Life in the Caribbean can be quite different for people used to fast- paced living. Here are some descriptions of making the transition from north of the tropics to decidedly within them.

We have a page on St. Maarten, but our pages are on the airport and landings on St. Barth, where the airport is literally on a beach, with one end of the runway buried in the sand and sunbathing and swimming within a stone's throw of landing Twin Otters.

Life at Juliana Airport, Sint Maarten (1997)
Mostly text; a description of an arrival and a departure from Juliana airport and lost luggage
The St. Barth Airport (1997)
Still photos for those that are bandwidth- challenged
Photos of St. Barth Airport (2001)
Seven photos of the airport, including an overview, the beach, and the hill above the airport.
Landings on St. Barth (2001, 2003)
These are MPEG movies on our SmugMug site. They show landings from a hill above the plane, from the end of the runway, landings over the bay, and a bumpy landing from the plane. Some of the views show just how close the airplane gets to the road.

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