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Words People Search For

Given that our main focus is the French West Indies, and given that we have a page on naturist beaches there, it is no surprise to us that the most used words include naked, nude, naturist, and the like. If you searched for naturism, try naturist and naturists. People looking for information will, we hope, find the material they need.

People looking for photographs, pictures, pics, pix, and the like, will, we are sorry to say, be disappointed.

We also see searches for misspellings -- porto rico, for example. We have no way to tell people how to spell foreign words correctly, so we use this as an example that may show up on a search. The correct spelling is puerto, not porto or puerta rico. We also get "guadelupe," which is the Spanish spelling of Guadeloupe, an island in the French West Indies. In French, saint is masculine, and sainte is feminine. So if you look for Saint Anne or St. Anne, you will not find any references to the town of Ste. Anne or Sainte Anne. The French use a dash between words (St-Francois, for example, or Ste-Anne), but we do not. If you are searching for such a word, do not include the dash or search only for the last word (Francois or Anne). Since we may have François, you may need to structure a search for François, which is how the word is written in HTML. If you are looking for Buccaners Creek, try the correct spelling, which is Buccaneers Creek or maybe Buccaneer's. The Hotel Meredian or Meridian is listed under its correct spelling of "Meridien." We spell accommodations correctly, so searches for accomadations or accomodations will return only this page.

We also get a fair number of requests about weddings on St. Barth. We are sorry to say that we have no information on that topic. We suggest a visit to Peter O'Keefe's Web site at St. Barths Online to see if he has any information. If this page turned up for you on your search for marriage or wedding, now you know why.

We also get requests for a picture or pictures of the flag. Since we have pages on more than one island, this causes us to have to write back and ask. Generally, the official flag of the French West Indies is, not surprisingly, the national flag of France. Guadeloupe and Martinique, however, have flags which are used locally, and we have images of those flags on our pages for Guadeloupe and Martinique. Others ask about the government of the islands and the nature of the population, the economics, and so on, usually for school reports. We can offer no help on these projects. We suggest using our Caribbean Travel Information Page for such research, but the library or bookstore is probably the best resource. Most of the Web pages which we have found (including ours) cover the tourism aspects of the Indies.

We not only get requests, we get email, from people looking for jobs, employment, emploiement, work, and so on. Sorry. We have no information at all on getting work in the French West Indies (or anywhere else). Check the Caribbean Travel Information Page. Most Web- based resources are about tourism, but some may provide information on getting work in the islands.

We also get the occasional search for football, cuisine, chamber of commerce, email, online connections, and packing lists. If your search brought you this page, this is the only mention. We have no information on football. Louise and I talk about restaurants and dining, so if "cuisine" is your search word, try restaurant, dining, and food instead. For checking email and getting online, if you have not found Getting Online in the French West Indies, that is the answer to your query. Packing lists and chambers of commerce are not topics that we cover at all for the Indies.

If you are looking for Carnival, carnival, carnaval, or carneval, please try all three spellings. We provide links to other Web sites which use different spellings for this holiday, and searching on all the spellings will give you more hits.

We do have a few links to higher education in the French West Indies. In addition to university, look for institute, institut, and université.

Vanilla rum is now served as a digestif on St. Barth at many restaurants after lunch and dinner; in French, it is rhum vanille.

Finally, if you are not having any luck at all on Master.com, we suggest using our JavaScript search page. Take a look at our Search page for more information on the JavaScript tool. If you cannot find a topic by key word, JavaScript is set up to give results by ideas and concepts (and even a mispelling or two).

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