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360 Degree Panoramas

These files have the size indicated. Some have hotspots to take you to other Web pages with additional images. There is more information on the page for each panorama. All panoramas use Apple's QuickTime VR technology. Have fun exploring. The photographs are links -- select them to visit the panorama.


A tractor drives by the cane fields on Grande Terre, Guadeloupe, French West Indies.

The island of Grande Terre is flat and devoted mostly to growing sugar cane. This panorama was taken in the middle of the fields after our lunch. Grande Terre is almost always sunny, just like this.
About 625K.

Pointe de la Grande Vigie, Gaudeloupe, French West Indies.

Although mostly flat, Grande Terre rises up steeply from the Atlantic, its coral history evident here at Pointe de la Grande Vigie.
About 525K.

The crater at La Soufriere, Guadeloupe, French West Indies.

The crater at La Soufriere is often shrouded in mist, both from the steam issuing from the caldera and from the clouds blowing over. Basse Terre, home to La Soufriere, shows its volcanic origins in its mountainous terrain and the rain forests on the slopes of the volcano.
About 340K.

A view from Pointe des Chateaux, Guadeloupe, French West Indies.

Pointe des Châteaux is one of the wildest areas of Guadeloupe, at the very tip of Grande Terre. The wind is always blowing, and the surf crashes viciously onto the beach there. This view is from the high point at the tip of Grande Terre.
About 560K.

Les Saintes

A view of Fort Napoleon, Les Saintes, French West Indies.

This is a view of the headquarters of Fort Napoleon on Les Saintes. It is on a high outcropping of Terre d'Haute. We found the fort a fascinating place to visit and stroll around. There were lots of iguanas, and the place was inhabited by a multitude of goats as well. This panorama has a link to the following panorama, and it shows the beach where the UCPA is located.
About 575K.

A view of the harbor from Fort Napoleon, Les Saines, French West Indies.

This is a view of the fort, but it also gives a great view of the harbor. We have a link back to the first panorama, along with a link to the page of iguana photographs. The link is on the panorama where we saw the lizards.
About 600K.

A view of the harbor from the crucifix on Les Saintes, French West Indies.

On Les Saintes, Terre d'Haute has a crucifix high on a hill overlooking the town (and near the airport), and it gives some great views of the island. This panorama has links to better photos of the crucifix and of a nearby shrine.
About 700K.

St. Barth

A view of the harbor at Gustavia, St. Barth.

This is a 180-degree view of the harbor of Gustavia, taken just as the sunset.
About 288K.

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