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St. Barth French West Indies

A book of photographs of St. Barth with much more than just "travelogue" pictures. A very nice reminder of the island.

Review by Phil Stripling

Charles and Christine Didcott say they lived on St. Barth for several years, and it seems they took photographs the whole time. This book is printed in both English and French, and the photographs span many years. The book was published in 1997 and has references to Hurricane Luis, but many of the photos are older than that year, bringing back pleasant recollections of our early visits to St. Barth. The photo of Eden Rock, for example, shows the hotel when it still had a big sign on the side of one of the bungalows.

The book is divided into the several communities (Gustavia, Gouverneur, Colombier, Corossol, and so on), with a few pages of color photographs devoted to each. And the colors are glorious: beautiful sunsets, candle- lit cemetaries on All Saints' Day, sun- drenched cases, and aerial views of the sandy beaches and azure waters. In addition, there are lots of photographs of the residents to remind you that real people live there.

It is a very nice book to leaf through when you are daydreaming of the French West Indies or to show your friends when they cannot understand your feelings for the friendly island of St. Barth. Recommended.

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