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Please note that The Civilized Explorer's Burning Man web site contains material which some may not wish to read or view. The Table of Contents lists the pages with descriptions of the contents. There were many persons at Burning Man with their families, including children of all ages through persons old enough to have great grandchildren. We expect to see them again next year. Obviously, people disagree on what is suitable for their families.

It has been the official rule of Burning Man that people are to do nothing that interferes with anyone else's immediate experience; rather, participants are dedicated to free expression and broad tolerance for other people's tastes. Several people have contributed to these pages. This Web site follows the rule, and the contributions have not been edited in any way. The experience of Burning Man was different for everyone who attended it. You will find, therefore, that some of the pages contain descriptions of drug use and photographs of nude people and people in costumes which are intended to inflame. The pages also contain very helpful information for those who wish to attend Burning Man next year, and many pages have no references to any activities other than camping and drinking lots of water. Use the Table of Contents as your guide, and practice the rule: Tolerate other people's tastes, no matter how different from yours.

You may view the Table of Contents at If you find that the descriptions are of material that you ordinarily choose not to view, feel free to choose not to view these pages.

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