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Yahoos Are Not a Pretty Sight.

Courtesy of Elizabeth Fiend.

NOTE from The Civilized Explorer: We saw these yahoos ourselves at Burning Man 1996. There were public showers available, and many males availed themselves of the opportunity to ogle and photograph naked women who were taking a shower. These guys were particularly obvious and offensive in their ogling.

Someone posted a query about Yahoos at Burning Man, hoping that they were not as bad as they were being made out to be:

> You know, I never saw a Yahoo in his camp. Has anyone? I think a Yahoo 
> reverts to his human nature within his camp.I dont know. It is when they 
> get liqoured up and wandering around asking to see your tits tripping over 
> your guylines bumming smokes yelling at you, rummaging through your stuff, 
> driving dirt bikes through your camp.  That is when they earn the name 'YAHOO'.

Here, Elizabeth Fiend gives us an upclose and personal view of yahoos in action at Burning Man:

Yes I have seen Yahoos at their camp. It is not a pretty sight. People who are jerks are jerks all the time. Sat. morning a trio squeezed into a spot next to me (I think because they could get a view of the public showers). They set up lawn chairs in the sun (no shade), started on the 1st of many cases of Coors Lite. By 7:00 they were so sick (sun/drink) they would vomiting next to their chairs, then got up to get another brew. They couldn't walk straight & kept (literally) falling ON my tent (bending the whole thing). When I came back from a walk, one guy was actually passed out ON TOP OF my tent, he had smashed it to the ground under his weight. His friends refused to help me get the guy up & off my tent. They laughed. Some kind strangers (cute men too) came over to lift the guy off. They tried to get him into HIS tent. But the drunk kept thinking the window was the door & when he couldn't lift his foot high enough to get in he fell on his tent & passed out. His 'friends' then pulled down his pants & left him laying there like that.

Courtesy of Elizabeth Fiend.

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