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Disposing of Your Trash

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So you've loaded up your car with tons of garbage that you brought yourself and that you picked up off the playa from all those slackers who didn't clean up after themselves. And some of it is mighty stinky. So now what? Drop it out the window as you drive home? No! Take it to an offical dump and say hello to the guys there for us.

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Reno Transfer Station - Apocalypse NOW!

1492 East Commercial Row 329-8822

Directions from I-80 - Take the E. 4th St. exit. Go left (west) to Sage St. (0.8 mile). Go left to East Commercial Row (one block). Go right and follow the signs to the Transfer Station, on your left.

Directions from northbound I-395 (coming from the Adventure Inn) - Take the Mill St. exit. Go left at the end of the off-ramp (west). Go right on Sutro St. (This is just past the Washoe County Medical Center. The street changes name at the intersection you want, so you will see a street sign for Kirman - that's the place to turn right.) Go past the Reno Gazette Journal building on the right, go over the river. Turn right onto East Commercial Row. The Transfer Station is half a block on the right.

We stopped by on Tuesday after the burn in 1999 with our rented Ford Econoline cargo van and pulled up to the pay shack. We had several carpet rolls, eight bags of garbage from various sources, a dozen empty 2.5 gallon water jugs, some badly bent rebar, and who knows what else, along with all our gear that we were taking back home. The guy stuck his head in the driver's side window, and before we could say "that's not all garbage," he said $3.65 -- that's the minimum, so we forked it over pronto and pulled in. NOTE: Prices have gone up since 1999 (duh), so expect to pay more this year.

This place is GREAT!

Apocalypse NOW!

As these photos show, this place is great! Real, professional trash haulers are dumping there along with citizens like us. There is an enclosed bulldozer running up and down the ramp shoving stuff into the maw of some great machine that disappears in the primordial mists at the depth of the ramp -- you can't even see that far because of the misters and dust. And do those guys look like they're having fun?

Workers at the transfer station. We started taking pictures, and Ron Schatz came over to shoo us off, since we did not have permission. We told him we were from Burning Man and wanted the photos to encourage people to take their trash here instead of throwing it out their car windows. He looked at Louise -- "Is that Maid Marian?"

Ron at the Reno Transfer Station We got permission to take pictures, and Ron showed us the office on the other side of the ramp where they handle hazardous waste. There is an important point here. The public dump is not for hazardous waste, guys. So if you have left over fireworks or fuel for your stove and lamps, check with the people at the pay shack first. Do not dump explosives and fuel into the ramp. People are working there, and you do not want to cause an explosion or fire in the Transfer Station.

The enclosed cab of the bulldozer offers
some protection.

Lockwood Regional Landfill

The Lockwood Landfill, can be easily reached via I-80. When coming back to Reno from the east, take exit 22 (the Lockwood exit). Go over the bridge over the freeway (not troubled waters), down to the stop sign, then straight ahead over the bridge over the Truckee river (troubled waters) and on up Canyon Drive about one mile. There are some signs (small white ones that say, "Dump Area"), the landfill is open everyday till 4:30, even over Labor Day weekend.

We used this in 1998 - it was convenient and the price was quite reasonable ($2.25 for 6 bags). However, note that the speed limit once you are off I-80 is ONLY 20 MPH! We saw a Budget rental truck being ticketed by the sheriff - we figure they were Burning Man participants. The dump has restrooms available and the place is well- run. (A well- run dump? Hmm.... .)

Fernley Sanitation

When you come into Wadsworth at the stop sign, instead of turning right towards I-80, turn left. Go through Wadsworth, under the interstate, past the Pilot Station (great place to get fuel and ice cream), and head into downtown Fernley. When you come to the stop light, turn right onto Hwy. 95A. Go about 2 miles. The dump will be on your left. If you pass the Fernley High School on your left, you have gone too far. Open over Labor Day weekend. $3.85 per cubic yard. (775) 575-4964 (not answered on weekends).

2009 Recycling Sites

2009 Reno-Sparks Free Drive-Thru Recycling Project

Friday, August 28 through Wednesday, September 9, 2009, open 24 hours, including Labor Day

Several supermarkets in Reno and Sparks will provide recycling drop-off stations in their parking lots during and after Burning Man.

They will accept plastics (HDPE 1, 2, 4, & 5), plastic bags, glass, all metals (aluminum, tin, steel, iron), paper, cardboard, and rechargeable batteries… even leftover bikes. Simply drive into the parking lot and deposit your recyclables into the appropriate containers.

Your recyclables will need to be as clean as possible and removed from bags or other containers before depositing them. Garbage disposal will be available for recyclers at approximately $3 per standard 35-gallon trash bag.

Proceeds from recyclables and proceeds beyond the costs for garbage disposal will be donated to support local environmental causes.


Central Reno Save Mart Supermarkets:

Sparks Save Mart Supermarkets:

South Reno Whole Foods Market:

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