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Pulltruded G-10: Better than PVC?

Courtesy of Joey

In response to a question posed on a Burning Man email list, Joey made the following helpful post. We have not heard of this material, but we will certainly check it out. Editor.

The only thing better than steel is Pulltruded G-10 Tubing.

This material is essentially a glass epoxy composite that is commonly used in highly corrosive environments (like plating shops) for structural components. My shade structure off the side of the UNIMOG has been utilizing this material for six years and has never broken or rusted or got blown away!

Now, you just can't go to the local home depot and get this stuff as it is used almost exclusively for industrial applications. But it can be had from Ryan Herco in San Jose as well as Oakland, Burbank Portland, Tempe, etc.

Their phone # in San Jose is: 408-436-1141 [email at sanjosesales@ryanherco.com; Toll-free: (800) 848-1141. Check for other US locations. Ed.]

I suggest their Series 500 in 1 in. O.D. with a 1/8" wall thickness. Part # is: 1915-001

This stuff is like five times stronger than steel by weight and can be flexed for prestressed structural design to really make your structure bullet-proof.

Also, KEE KLAMPS available from Grainger.com makes assembly a snap and VERY strong.

Minister of Materials Technology Download to the Masses.


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