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the Man burns -- 1999

The Porta-Potties of Washoe County

Everyone complains about the porta potties every year. This year they were the cleanest we have ever seen, and there were over 23,000 people in attendance on Saturday night. Usually the morning after the burn, the potties are an unspeakable mess. This year, they were clean! Unbelievable.

Still, there were lines.
Another line at the porta-potties.
Nobody said you could camp in the middle of nowhwere and not have a line.
Yet another line.

Overall, we have no complaints about the Porta- Pottie situation, but we know that some people always want more, so we offer some solutions we observed.

Some people figured out ways to avoid the lines:

One solution to the pottie lines. Some people just kept a 5-gallon bucket, uh, somewhere where they could use it when the need arose. And kept it till it was full and there were no lines.

Backdoor approach to the pottie line problem. Some people used the backdoor approach. Mostly men, we think. In fact, only men, we think.

Yet another solution. Uh, to the pottie line problem. We suspect this is another male- oriented solution, but we do not really want to know.

For a wealth of information on substitutes for using the BM portapotties, drop by Michael Bluejay's Burning Man for the Porta-Potty Shy page and look at some roll your own solutions.

We also saw a spill of the contents of a porta- pottie during a clean up by the official porta- potty clean up crew. Our advice is, Do not eat blue playa dirt.

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