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Moebius's Parachute Structure

Courtesy of Moebius

I have used the same parachute construction for 2 BM's now, and it has really proved to be unstoppable as far as wind survivability. I had a serious twister roll right over it, and it barely moved... Here's the details:

Drill holes in the end of the conduit and attach t-fittings with bolts, cover bolts with duct tape.

Cut 8 of the pipes to 8 feet tall, and leave one alone
Pound a rebar stake vertically in the center of the area where you want your tent.. This will be the center pole
Place parachute center over this center pole, attach to T-fitting by center of parachute strings and hoist this onto rebar stake
Now take an 8' pole and walk outward from the center until their is only enough parachute material left to reach to the ground.. in order words, from the center of the tent, to your 8' pole plus enough extra to reach the ground.
Measure this distance and plant your 8 poles symmetrically equidistant from the center as the measured distance, they should be placed on rebar as well. Hold your parachute to the poles by pulling down over the T fittings and wrapping with a big piece of rope.
Now place 8 rebars at a 45 degree angle into the desert 3 or 4 feet out from the midpoint between poles.
Run a V-shaped run of rope from the rebar up to the pole to the right and down to the next rebar.. once you have every pole secured this way, tighten them all with trucker hitches
Put soda bottles on exposed rebar to save lives!


Editors' note: As ofBM2000, soda bottles are not the recommended solution. Read the new answer here!

Its bombproof!


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