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Burning Man 1996

The Man Burns

Art Cars, Page 1

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The pirate ship Capitation"The Pirate Ship Capitation" is about 21k and 256x384 in size. While not technically an art car, the Capitation sailed around the playa and fed Barney to the shark car. AARRGH!

A bugvan"Bug Van" is about 230x215 and 14k. If you look closely, you can identify the bug on the roof of the van.

Two people riding an aardvark"Aardvark" is about 23k and 256x384 in size. So, it is not only cars that can be art.

Bun deliveryWe don't think that this is a "bun delivery" truck. This photo weighs in at 26k and 255x380.

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