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Some dust, some rain in 2014


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Rain closed the entrance overnight

We had some rain overnight on Monday of the event. It was enough to flood Gate Road and cause all who were there to shelter in place. We heard that people still on blacktop heading to the event were told in Gerlach to return to Reno.

In Black Rock City, it rained enough to turn the playa to goop, but not enough to prevent people from getting around. We were awakened in the dark by sprinkles about 3:30AM Monday, but it didn't really start raining till about dawn. We just stayed in our tent and dozed. Our Springbar tent is canvas and has no fly, and there's no flap over the zipper. Rain ran down the door, including down the zipper until it hit the bottom of the catenary loop, then dripped on the rug we have inside the door to catch some of the dust we bring in. It wasn't enough to cause problem, but it would be nice if the zipper had a flap to keep the rain out of the zip. (The tent door slants away from the base of the tent to the top, so rain runs down the door, which sags at a point the slants out to the base of the tent, causing a drip loop if water gets through the zipper.)

Later in the week we had some dust blow through, but visibility was many yards, and the blow didn't last long enough to make it a problem. We had some gusts to 20MPH, according to my Kestrel wind meter. But my guess is that the rain came in on a front and the winds came in as the front blew on out a day or two later.

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