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Forest fire in 2013

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A fire in the Sierras affected the playa and the weather

Our weather was very moderate for the first several days as smoke from the forest fire in the Sierras blocked the sun during the day. Temperatures were in the 80s during the day and 50s and 60s at night. We needed the fan in the tent once, and we wandered the playa at night in shorts and t-shirts.

The Man burns.

When they got the fire more nearly under control and the smoke and haze disappeared, however, the temps hit the 90s during the day, while staying warm at night. I think it hit a hundred one day, according to my little REI thermometer. I am tempted to say we've had another Burn with the best weather ever. Only one dust storm, but it was short and not bad; some dust during the burn. Great temps, a sprinkle of rain during Exodus (which shut it down for an hour).

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