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Burning Man 2009

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Our camp, 2009
The weather was interesting again this year. It was very windy Sunday afternoon when we arrived, but the temperatures were quite nice. As I recall, Monday and Tuesday were hot but not too hot during the day, and absolutely warm at night. We used our fan in the tent at night when we went to bed.

However, the pleasant weather turned on us later in the week, and we had hard winds and dust storms off and on. Nothing nearly as bad as last year, but unpleasant nonetheless. There was some doubt the Burn would go off, but fortune smiled on BMOrg once again. The fire spinners did their thing, and the Burn went off as scheduled.

We used our Heater Meals again this year because it was sometimes too windy to cook. We also made frequent use of the saline nasal spray. Playa snakes roamed the playa, with deeper powder making it slow riding, stopping us completely sometimes, but overall conditions were good for riding bikes.

Open Vista
The temperature when we got up Monday morning was 49 degrees according to my thermometer, and it was just a little warmer on Tuesday when we packed up. Everyone we spoke to on Monday commented on how pleasant the temperature was all day. Tuesday was the best day we've ever had for packing - pleasantly cool and no wind.

The Reno Gazette-Journal said attendance was 44,000 this year, down from last year.