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Flying Flags and Banners

Courtesy of Philip Lollar

Miz Jewelz queried:

>Perhaps imbedding a 1.5"-2" diameter pipe into the playa creating a 2'
>flagpole holder would work (and be reasonably easy to remove)?
>PVC would probably be too brittle at a 12'+ length as a flagpole unless
>lines were run from it...

To which, Phillip Lollar replied:


No apologies this time -- heres some flag-flying advice: 2 years ago I hoisted a flag at our camp. for a flag pole I got 2 10-footers of PVC. One was about 1/4 or 1/2 inch smaller diameter than the other, so that it could fit inside the other pole. So I drilled 2 bolts through them both and bolted them together where they overlapped. This gimme a 19 foot pole.

I anchored it to the playa by ductaping it to 3 or 4 rebars hammered crosscross into the ground. I may have dug a hole for the pvc pipe into the ground about 7 or 8 inches. This is what Breedlove ran over and wrecked on the following year.

>Would nylon fabric (ripstop) hold up or do I need something like oilcloth?

I happened to have this dayglo orange plastic fabric from thrift Town. I stenciled on a circle with 3 triangles on it in red. The flag is about 5x10 feet and I will probably put it up this year. Last year I brought it but forgot to put it up. I also went to the signmaking place on S Van Ness and got some grommets but no grommet punch. Fabric Outlet next to ThriftTown has both - go there.

My flag stayed up for the duration of our visit.

I make no promises for a 3 piece 27 foot pole. Also, the fabric I used was light but sturdy -- I didn't even have to hem it! So stick with some sort of light durable fabric.

>I'm also looking for vintage diner images that might depict a bowl of grits
>(or a Texan cookin' 'em). Design suggestions are also welcome...

Or maybe a typographical treatment: the word "GRITS" in a diamond or circle.

You're all welcome, --PHL

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