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More Art

The additional art photos on this page illustrate the dust theme again. Although that is not supposed to be the theme, notice the dust haze obscuring things in the background. We appreciate all the more the effort made to create these objects of art in the harsh conditions on the playa.

agedspam01 aidalion01 arch05
agedSpam01.jpg aidaLion01.jpg arch05.jpg
arch06 flyingdragon01 flyingdragon02
arch06.jpg flyingDragon01.jpg flyingDragon02.jpg
flyingpeople01 flyingpeople02 flyingpeople03
flyingPeople01.jpg flyingPeople02.jpg flyingPeople03.jpg
hoodornament02 mirrors02 mirrors03
hoodOrnament02.jpg mirrors02.jpg mirrors03.jpg
mirrors04 selfportrait04 whirlingwoman01
mirrors04.jpg selfPortrait04.jpg whirlingWoman01.jpg

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