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Transportation at Burning Man 2001

As usual, transportation at Burning Man was varied and creative. These pictures give only a very small sampling of the works of art on wheels at Burning Man 2001.

basscar bikes cheshirecar cobra cowboys
bassCar.jpg bikes.jpg cheshireCar.jpg cobra.jpg cowboys.jpg
discobelle disturbiabus01 disturbiabus02 firetruck fishcart
discoBelle.jpg disturbiaBus01.jpg disturbiaBus02.jpg fireTruck.jpg fishCart.jpg
fuzzybike hammock1 hammock2 jetcar mirrorvan
fuzzyBike.jpg hammock1.jpg hammock2.jpg jetCar.jpg mirrorVan.jpg
poolcar tentcar windsail
poolCarjpg tentCar.jpg windSail.jpg

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