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Sister Dana Does Burning Man 2000

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Text and photography by Louise Johnson

Sister Dana was unable to attend Burning Man in person this year, so we brought her spirit along with us. Her generous, sharing effluvience was widely appreciated and we found many souls touched simply by viewing her image.
Touched by a Sister.

Our first stop was the Reno Travelodge - $26 a night and right across from a liquor store, too. Shown here with Louise, Sister Dana eyed the swimming pool, but we spent our time eating dinner at a Mexican restaurant. We did not take advantage of the free milk. NOTE: The Travelodge is now the Desert Rose Inn (July 2007).

Sister Dana at the TravelLodge.

After entering Black Rock City and setting up camp, Sister Dana immediately went out and met the art and the people. Starting at The Man himself, the overwhelming impact of her presence was obvious in people 's response to her image.

Sister Dana at the Man.

We then proceeded down the spine of the man and found Sister Dana at one with the lingam and several people dressed in yellow.

Sister Dana at the lingum.

Other body parts were still under construction, but the Sister reached out and spread peace and joy to those in the vicinity.

Sister Dana with the anus. Sister Dana with the grass face.

Her influence spread into Black Rock City itself.

Sister Dana at the Portapotties. Sister Dana with Mariana. Sister Dana with Kamakhya.

Happy in the knowledge that her generosity and love were spreading over the playa, Sister Dana retreated into the dust storms, appearing next at the Lazy Camp Cocktail Party.

Sister Dana with Dena and Penfold. Sister Dana with grits. Sister Dana with Rachel and Phil. Party time for Sister Dana. Sister Dana has many admirer's. Sister Dana gnoshes. What would Sister Dana do? What WOULD Sister Dana do?????? What _did_ Sister Dana do?

High on life, she then spirited herself across the playa - we caught only a few pictures.

Sister Dana at the Torso Tower. Sister Dana meets the CatBoy. Sister Dana in Center Camp. Sister Dana and her stylish water bottle on the playa. Sister Dana makes new friends. Sister Dana with the BLD sign. Sister Dana plows on meeting more new people. Sister Dana in the clutches of Pippi and Toad.

We lost contact with Sister Dana the night of the burn - she moved too fast for us. And I think she found a way to spread her spirit throughout the playa that prohibited photos. We next have photos in Reno, checking out Burning Man spots of interest, recovering from the high of the Burn.

Sister Dana shops Twin City Surplus. Sister Dana moments before she blasted off in the jeep. Sister Dana dumps her loose load at the Reno Transfer Station.

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